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Kenya, Circa 2023

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Safari Splendors and Coastal Bliss: Discover Tanzania's Dual Delight

Embark on a mesmerizing journey through Tanzania that seamlessly blends the thrill of safari adventures with the serenity of pristine beaches. Our curated experience invites you to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of Tanzania's diverse wildlife in their natural habitats, as you embark on unforgettable safaris through iconic national parks, Ngorongoro Crater.


February 2024

zanzibar, tanzania

Senegal, Gambia & Cape Verde Island

May 2024

cape verde island, West Africa

Overlanding Africa: Explore West

Africa's Top 3

Embark on an electrifying adventure across three enchanting West African gems: Senegal, Cape Verde, and The Gambia. Dive into the pulse of Dakar's bustling streets, get lost in the volcanic wonders of Cape Verde Island , and laze in the serene beauty along the River Gambia. 

Senegal Unveiled: Where Culture and Adventure Dance to the Rhythm of Teranga

Get ready to be enchanted by the spirit of this extraordinary destination. Immerse yourself in the rhythmic energy of Dakar's lively streets, where every corner narrates a tale of rich history and lively culture. Surrender to the allure of captivating landscapes, from bright markets wafting with the scent of incense to historical wonders that define Senegal as a sensory delight.


May 2024

dakar, senegal
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Join us on expeditions designed for the modern explorer, where luxury meets the thrill of discovery. Africa awaits – are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

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Zanzibar - Tanzania, Circa 2023

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Mombasa - Kenya, Circa 2022

Private Trips

Love a group trip but need a different date? We've got you covered with our Private Trips service! Customize your travel experience to fit your preferred dates, budget, and preferences—with or without a host

Cairo, Egypt, Circa 2023

Travel & Relocation Planning

Beyond curating seamless travel plans, we also offer relocation services within Africa, tailored to your needs. Whether you're moving for work or adventure, let us handle the details.

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Morocco 2023


North Africa: 10 Days of unforgettable wonders In Morocco

Kenya 2023

Lamu, Kenya

East Africa: 6 Weeks across Kenya and Tanzania

West Africa 2022

Saly, Senegal

Backpacking West Africa: Benin Republic - Senegal

Saly, senegal

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Benin Republic

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“Nobody does African itineraries like the Faraway. It was my first international business trip and I wanted a farm tour. I traveled in a group and it felt like family. It was an exhilarating two weeks that took us round the country and the adventures got better with each day"


Farmer, Nigeria.

Thank you for one of the most beautiful experience I've had yet. It was my first time in Africa but I felt at home from day one. Being able to work while traveling across Kenya and Tanzania was the perfect way to ease into exploring this continent. Impatiently waiting for future trips.


Photographer, America

“This was my first solo trip, and thank you for being meticulous about my planning. It was the perfect combination of adventurous and restful. I also had very respectable guides the entire way, and it made me feel comfortable and safe. I had a great time.”


Entrepreneur, Nigeria

“I wanted a luxury vacation that family could enjoy with kids and the brief was well executed. Our accommodation options were the finest and kid friendly, we had a private chauffeur that is handy with the kids. We had a nice vacation”


Entrepreneur, Nigeria

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